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If you are a fully qualified career guidance practitioner and you would like to receive private clients who are looking for career direction and career guidance, please register below and start receiving private career guidance clients.

The primary objective of the website is to offer Professional Qualified Independent Career Guidance Nationwide, throughout the UK. Qualified Career Guidance Ltd. are currently offering career guidance practitioner the opportunity to register as a full career guidance member for FREE, and provide the career guidance sessions in your area of the country from your home, business centre, hotel, whatever delivery environment you prefer.

CareerGuidance.co.uk are seeking the best career guidance practitioners in the UK, so if you regard yourself as an 'excellent career guidance practitioner' at the top of your profession, you are the person this website is looking for. This service is NOT a public managed service, continued high standards will be of the highest priority.

The career guidance process is audited and each client has the opportunity to evaluate his or her session at this url:


If you decide to register, your contact details will NEVER be published on the website. Contact details will only be exchanged between the 'client' and 'practitioner' when the 'client' has agreed to the career guidance practitioners rates. This process will be managed by CareerGuidance.co.uk.

All financial transactions will be between the client and the guidance practitioner, the rates and method of guidance delivered will be know to the client before a booking is made and before and session takes place.

This opportunity will provide you with extra revenue, most sessions are delivered outside of normal working hours, evenings and weekends, suiting your own calendar.

The advantages of joining this unique opportunity are:

  • It's Free!
  • No administrative Work involved, the entire service will be operated by the web site and Qualified Career Guidance Ltd.
  • The client pays your service fee after the session.
  • Increase client numbers, increase personal income, outside your normal working hours.
  • Top listings on search engines, currently first on google, yahoo and msn using search term 'career guidance'
  • There are no catches, this is a win win scenario.

To register please click the Register with CareerGuidance.co.uk as a Qualified Career Guidance practitioner button below.



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