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Some client references: Career Change

Thomas Kelly - Age 23
" is firmly a good choice for all your Career Guidance needs, and one that I recommend highly to anyone. Their sound advice and encouragement was very insightful and I greatly appreciate all that was done for me. I am now following through on what was advised to me and it is yielding excellent results. This is one choice I will never regret"

Wayne Costello - Age 38
'On enquiry I was asked about my credentials and on a review of same I was put in touch with an appropriate and very experienced and professional practitioner who gave me sound, objective and practical advice on where my career could be progressed and methods to achieve same. I highly recommend the site and the practitioners affiliated.'

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The process involved in making an appointment nationwide to see a career guidance practitioner nationwide is:


You MUST first fill out the "Make Appointment" booking form below. This is a compulsory requirement in order to get an understanding of your background and enquiry, so that we can allocate the most appropriate guidance professional. It also provides the career guidance practitioner with pre-information about you and thus will be better prepared when they meet you.


A representative from the team will then email you with pricing options and locations of the guidance practitioners in and around your area of residence or work (as you prefer). The going rate around the country is between 40 and 70 pounds per hour and a typical session is from one to two hours. If cost is an issue you can stipulate the duration you would like.

All Guidance Practitioners are fully qualified usually holding a primary degree and a Post Graduate qualification in Career Guidance or equivalent. Most guidance practitioners are members of the Institute of Career Guidance (ICG).


It is difficult to document every career guidance practitioner's process as each has their own methods of working. They will have an open conversation with you and give you an independent assessment, concentrate on your strengths and your aptitudes and build a career plan around them, usually involving re-skilling, focusing on what you want to address. Not every session is the same. It is a difficult process to document, see the home page for a number of career interviews from career guidance professionals.

Are Interest Tests included? This depends on the practitioner, the client and the circumstance of the career query. Usually they are not required, however all practitioners are equipped to deliver and interpret psychometric and interest tests.

What should you bring to the appointment? A pen, a pad and an open reflective mind! To be sure, ask the guidance practitioner when making arrangement to meet.


The meeting point for guidance practitioners can be varied depending on the career guidance practitioner, you may meet at the career guidance practitioner home office, at his/her place of work (eg secondary school, university), a hotel lobby, a coffee shop, in a business centre or at your home. The meeting place will be set by the career guidance practitioner and you.

If you agree to the rate and location of the career guidance practitioner, you must then pay a booking fee of 12 pounds which will confirm that you will turn up and meet the guidance practitioner. This fee is to avoid no-shows, which inconvenience the career guidance practitioner and waste his/her research time.

There are other reasons for the booking fee, as in: the cost of maintaining the website, the merchant online costs, and time composing emails. The 12 pounds euros booking fee is non-refundable. This pricing method and process model is the fairest possible, if you have any suggestions as to improve the process please email

The merchant account payment process is secure and regulated, use the same secure providers as Vodafone, AXA and Virgin Atlantic. Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Switch/UK Maestro. Orders are never taken over the phone for security reasons.

Booking Fee Payment Link - select the Career Guidance Appointment checkbox

Please note, the 12 pounds make an appointment booking fee is completely separate to the rates charged by the guidance practitioner.


Once the booking fee is paid online an automated email confirming the purchase is sent to your email account. A mail is also sent to the assigned career guidance practitioner and the client is copied on that mail. The career guidance practitioner then logs onto his/her account and will pick up your details and your completed form.


A text message is also sent to the career guidance practitioner's mobile phone informing him or her that an appointment from is in the guidance practitioner's inbox.


The guidance practitioner will then make arrangements (via email or phone communication) to meet as soon as possibly convenient for both the career guidance practitioner and you. Most sessions are made in the evening and over weekends. Whatever suits you and the guidance practitioner.


If you pay the booking fee and agree to the guidance practitioner's rate, all transactions after the booking fee are between the career guidance practitioner and you. Payment to the guidance practitioner is usually in the form of cash.


Finally, approximately forty days after the booking fee is paid a feedback email is sent to your inbox. It is vitally important that customer feedback is received in order to maintain the standards of the career guidance practitioners.

See an example screenshot of feedback below, scores out of 5:

From: []
Sent: 18 June 2010 20:00
Subject: Questionnair Customer Feedback

Dear Diarmuid,

New Questionnaire Customer Feedback. Details are as below:

Name of Guidance Practitioner: Guidance Practitioner
Your Name: Client
Structure of the guidance session: 4
Educational knowledge of the practitioner: 5
Employment knowledge of the practitioner: 5
Understanding of your aptitudes: 5
Career Guidance provided: 5
Would you recommend this practitioner: Yes
Can team contact you directly: Yes

The Team


All communications between you and your career guidance practitioner will be held in confidence and will not, except under the circumstances explained below, be disclosed to anyone.

In situations involving danger and/or risk of imminent harm to yourself or specifically identified others, your practitioner is legally required to disclose certain information in order to protect you and/or others.

Please also consult the Legal Notices of the website at: Legal Notices



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