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Please find below a synopsis of the different audiences that this website and service effects. Specifically functions that CareerGuidance.co.uk performs. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss potential partnerships, call the CareerGuidance.co.uk team on +44 (0)20 8932 1131.


  • We manage an independent network of the finest career guidance practitioners in Ireland, for all types of individuals
  • Career Guidance Practitioners covering every county in Britain
  • All guidance sessions are audited and are conducted in and outside of normal business hours. Including weekends to suit the client and practitioner.
  • Provide free email career guidance
  • Professional CV Surgery and Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation and Skills
  • Career and Personality testing
  • Self directed assessment tools


  • Provide a fully managed onsite career guidance service
  • Ability to edit, upload and strategically position courses on the CareerCuidance.co.uk website
  • Full profiling of course providers - including full video production and upload
  • Track interest, brochures requested, favourite courses tagged, video views and more
  • Upload events, for example open days, career events, etc.


  • Industry, sector maps, career path and profession profiling
  • Full video production process - for course providers, employers and accreditations
  • Upload events, for example open days, career events, etc.
  • Live and archived Webinar industry profiling


  • Highly targeted advertising and sponsorship
  • Sponsorship within all career guidance outgoing email, from guidance emails, news, events, to registration emails. All outgoing emails
  • Corporate branding on CareerGuidance.ie events and material
  • Company profiling - including production of staff job roles and career path interviews
  • Career coaching, direction and career path for companies facing redundancies

For any enquiries or onsite demonstrations, please call +44 (0)20 8932 1131 or email info@careerguidance.co.uk

Thabi Madide of 'Africa Centre' - Career Guidance Workshops for African Immigrants
'Qualified Career Guidance Ltd. did not only exceed our expectations, their willingness to tailor their services to the needs of our client group meant a lot to us.'

Ciaran FitzGerald - Former Irish and Lions Rugby Captain - Parent
'I can highly recommend www.careerguidance.ie after a very positive personal experience involving both my son and my daughter and an excellent experienced practitioner. I am happy to say that his advice and direction has been successful in both cases and my only regret is that I did not make contact with him earlier in their careers.'

CV Surgery Candidate - Age 30
'CareerGuidance.ie took an insightful and tailored approach to rewriting my CV, the end product was well researched and presented. I feel more confident applying for opportunities now, as my CV is more likely to catch a prospective employer's eye.'

Thomas Kelly - Age 23
"www.careerguidance.ie is firmly a good choice for all your Career Guidance needs, and one that I recommend highly to anyone. Their sound advice and encouragement was very insightful and I greatly appreciate all that was done for me. I am now following through on what was advised to me and it is yielding excellent results. This is one choice I will never regret"

Wayne Costello - Age 38
'On enquiry I was asked about my credentials and on a review of same I was put in touch with an appropriate and very experienced and professional practitioner who gave me sound, objective and practical advice on where my career could be progressed and methods to achieve same. I highly recommend the site and the practitioners affiliated.'

Career Query: Interested in returning to college to complete a degree program. I require careers advice regarding course choice.

Career Query: I am very unsure in which direction I want my career to go. There are many careers in which I am interested. These include Journalism, Psychology, Equine Chiropractor, Teacher, Veterinary Nurse, Equine Saddle Fitter, I need advice on careers. I am very confused about which career direction to take. I need career advice on how to decide which career would be best for me. One of the main factors is affording to train and live meanwhile. I need to speak to a professional who can advise me on what my qualifications lend me to best, how my personality will affect which direction I go in, and what funding/financial help I may be able to access. I am now 23, feel very frustrated, and am desperate to take the right step forward. Job security is very important and I want my career decision to be the right one.

Career Query: Where do I go from here, I need career change? Open to suggestions.

Career Query: Hello, I'm 32 and, although I have more than eight years experience waiting tables, I also have some experience in software development, including a 1st class BSc in video games design, two years experience in the game design industry, and, furthermore, one year telco experience working in BT. I'm about to have my first child, and I need to find a new career that will give me stable working hours, room for career development and, at the same time, a career that plays to my strengths and offers job satisfaction. From my guidance practitioner, I'm looking for someone who could help me find new careers that would satisfy most of the above criteria and, at same time, career advice on the steps to take to gather the skills for those careers. I want to be able to leave with a realistic idea of what is needed. I hope that my practitioner will be able to use the information I have provided here (and in my interview) to help me figure out the next step, even if it is a step that I might not have considered yet. I'm open minded.

Career Query: I am currently out of work after choosing to leave a job in sales. I have no career direction but a few ideas of what I would like to try. But I want an opinion on what I am suited to and where to start looking and investigate a realistic career planning programme.

Career Query: I have been working in retail for over 6 years now and it was not my primary career choice. It has been a successful time for me, learning many new skills that can be used in future employment. However, I would like a new career that will need me to use my knowledge gained from my education and will suit my lifestyle and personal interests as well.

Career Query: Don't think I'm in the right area at the moment, am looking to change career and need a bit of careers guidance on the area I am suited to, I do have an idea of the areas I'm interested in.

Career Query: I recently left a staff nurse post as I do not feel that nursing is currently what I want to do. I wish to explore my career and evening courses study options.

Career Query: I am hoping to find a new career in the sports industry. I am currently working in the construction industry and my goal is career change from this to a profession in sports. I have trained and earned qualification at numerous sporting activities with the highest achievement being a Diploma in Sports and Recreational Management.

Career Query: What career choices would suit me? What subjects do I need for it? Where can I do the recommended course?

Career Query: I'm finished my Honours degree in Heritage Studies and I would like to do a Masters course, what evening courses options might be available to me?

For any enquiries or onsite demonstrations, please call +44 (0)20 8932 1131 or email info@careerguidance.co.uk

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